The 2013 MWM RG will be held May 17-19th at Hyatt Dulles.

Click here to reserve online. All reservations in the Mensa block include free internet!

The Hyatt Dulles is located at 2300 Dulles Corner Boulevard, Herndon, VA 20171. The hotel is freshly renovated, with 100% suite guestrooms, complimentary shuttle to and from Hyatt Dulles International Airport, and the closest setting to the terminals.  Parking is free.

Lost? Get a map and directions here.

Wondering about Hospitality?

Hospitality chairs Joel Kaplan and Stephanie Smilay have promised an appetizing assortment of snacks and foods, with beverages including a diverse selection of sodas, beer, and wine.  Feed your sweet tooth with our sugary extravaganza – pack a toothbrush to prevent cavities!  Saturday night’s buffet dinner will include Caesar salad, minestrone soup, meat and vegetarian lasagnas, steamed vegetables, warm rolls, and tiramisu.  Special dietary needs?  Be sure to let us know when you register and we’ll do as much as we can to accommodate you.


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