Do bats and dogs even get along? Image: Jessamyn

Download the final printed RG program or a one page program summary!

Where do the Library of Congress comic book collection, acclaimed authors, Bikers Against Child Abuse, chain mail, chocolate, counterfeit cash, everyday heroes, yoga, and the ukulele all converge? It’s the 2013 MWM RG!

We’re especially excited about our keynote speaker – Ryan Davidson of Law and the Multiverse fame! A tentative schedule appears below. We still need volunteers for many parts of the RG. Click here to volunteer! You can learn more about the art contest here. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact the RG Committee!

Hope to see you there!


Registration, Hospitality, and the Games Room will open by 4:00 PM on Friday. We will endeavor to have those open early, but that will partly depend on the number of volunteers we have helping us set up.

Registration Hours
Friday 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM – NOON

Programming: We will have our first programs on Friday at 5:00 PM, and the last ones begin on Sunday at 2:30 PM (ending approximately 3:30 PM).

Hospitality: Open ’round-the-clock once we open up on Friday. Please note, though, to comply with Virginia state law, beer and wine will not be available during the hours of 2:00 AM until 6:00 AM. We will close on Sunday at 2:00 PM in order to pack up.

Games Room: Open ’round-the-clock once we open up on Friday. We will close on Sunday at 2:00 PM in order to pack up.

Program Listing

You can also download the final printed RG program.


Saturday Morning:

SATURDAY Afternoon:


Sunday Morning:

Sunday afternoon:

youth track:

Please visit the Youth Track page for detailed information and a schedule!

What else might be there?

Maybe superheroes. Maybe supervillains. Definitely superbrains.

*This presentation is not endorsed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The presenter is not speaking on behalf of the FBI and all reporters present, as a condition of their attendance, must agree not to attribute anything said during the presentation to the FBI.


31 responses to “Program

  1. I know a professor at GWU who might be interested in being one of the speakers for Matrix V. What, if any, bennies are offered to speakers? Do they pay the same registration fee? (I need some ammo to twist his arm, I mean, to entice.) Thanks!

  2. Hi, Roy! Is he a Mensa member?
    -Marta, Program Chair

    • Edee Fay Schwartz

      Hi Marta,
      I can’t figure out where to contact you if I’m not applying to be a speaker. I just saw “3 responses to program” so I’m using your reply to Roy to jump in. Hope that’s OK. I joined the blog, so I’ll be receiviing info that way. I’d also like to know what info you sent to Roy about the perks for speakers, if any, besides what he posted about them getting access to the RG on the day they present. I’ve mentioned several program ideas to Jess Byron & given her some info when I’ve seen her at events, but I’d like to email you directly, since you’re the Programs chair. How do I do that? Thanks, Edee

  3. Hi Marta! Thanks for the details you sent earlier. No, he’s not a Mensa member and I will let him know that as a speaker, he will get to attend other programs on the same day that he speaks. See you there! Roy

  4. What time will registration open on Friday?

  5. Ceil – we don’t have an answer just yet for registration. Hospitality should open at 4pm.

  6. Thanks! That’s all I really needed to know. The hotel asks what time I expect to check in, and I didn’t know if program started early or evening. Bueno.

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