What’s a Hospitality Suite?

Hanging out in Hospitality at the 2011 Annual Gathering in Portland, OR. Image: Jessamyn

A Hospitality Suite is a large room where people can just relax and chill out with friends, old and new, and have something to eat or drink; it’s the central hub for an RG.

Here, you will find plenty of food and drink throughout the weekend. Snacks of all types (chocolate, other healthy food, some “unhealthy” food, did I say chocolate?) are available 24/7 along with water and soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages are available for those 21 and over (typically beer, wine, and wine coolers).

This is also where meals are served (unless otherwise indicated). Don’t know anyone? This is a great way to meet new people in a relaxed setting and just “chillax.”

What’s on the menu for Superhero Edition?

Hospitality chairs Joel Kaplan and Stephanie Smilay have promised an appetizing assortment of snacks and foods, with beverages including a diverse selection of sodas, beer, and wine.  Feed your sweet tooth with our sugary extravaganza – pack a toothbrush to prevent cavities!  Saturday night’s buffet dinner will include Caesar salad, vegetarian minestrone soup, meat and vegetarian lasagnas, steamed vegetables, warm rolls, and tiramisu.  Special dietary needs?  Be sure to let us know when you register and we’ll do as much as we can to accommodate you.

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