Tara Travia, Ph.D., RYT200 – Yoga for Warriors

Image: Tara

Image: Tara

Tara Travia, Ph.D. teaches yoga to Warriors of all levels from the uninitiated to experienced soldiers of peace. Using the name Warrior Tree Yoga – Tara teaches principles of a peaceful warrior path using asana and meditation to build Strength, Flexibility, and Stability on and off the mat. Yoga sessions at this year’s MENSA RG will include guided meditation on the concepts of personal power and compassion combined with Asana (poses/movement) to build confidence and balance. Asana’s will be offered for all levels with modifications for those with limitations. As with any physical program, you must be responsible for your own health and safety.

NOTE: Sunday morning’s session will count towards the MWM Virtual 5K – you can choose to donate $20 to take part and raise money for Breast Cancer Research (this is optional and you do not have to donate to the cause to take part in the session).

This is just one of many activities at this year’s RG – return to the program page to read more about other confirmed speakers and events!

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