Who is Your Superhero – Jared Levine

2013 RGCommFor the past year, especially the last few months, I haven’t had just one superhero but 17 superheroes. Here’s who they are, and why:

Jessamyn: Her energy, zeal, and fresh way of using lots of different modes of communication publicized the RG early and often.

Marta Zlotnick: She contacted DOZENS of people to see if they would be willing to give a program (or two) for the RG, was the primary point of contact for those people who proactively contacted us about giving a program, and did yeoman’s work in landing a great keynote speaker.

Janet Roder and Melissa Hershcopf: They are responsible for the badges everyone will be handed at Registration and helping make the check-in process as smooth as possible.

Scott Emmel: Not only has he had a large role with Registration, but he’s the money man who keeps track of where we are with respect to our budget.

Joel Kaplan and Stephanie Smilay: As Hospitality Co-Chairs, they divvied up the tasks rather well. Joel came up with the gameplan for what would be served and will be in the Hospitality Room an exceedingly large amount. Not only will Stephanie also be in the Hospitality Room quite a lot throughout the RG, but she figured out a reasonable schedule for the number of volunteers needed and is working on helping to wrangle up enough people to fill out Hospitality’s volunteering needs.

Leslie Jane Fahrney and Cam Smart: They have contacted many people soliciting as many volunteers as possible to meet our needs.

Donna Campbell: She has put together the programming for the Youth Track and has expanded it from one day (like the past two RGs) to two days, and being open to yet more new ideas to try to make the RG even more attractive to our young members (or non-member children of our adult members).

Karen Caron: She has been the patient liaison between the hotel and both of the RG co-chairs, helping to maximize what we can get from the hotel within the confines of our contract.

Cat Bailey: She has put together an effective security plan to keep things flowing smoothly and handle any difficult contingencies which may arise, unlikely as any of them may be.

Tara Travia: She has done a great job of juggling the various scheduling and A/V needs of all our presenters, and is the person to put together the printed program.

Dave Aronson: He was instrumental in hooking up the chapter’s PayPal account and making sure that online registrations were working properly, saving people time and hassle of mailing in registrations and checks.

Colin McGowan: His role requires relatively little in advance of the RG, however, he has put himself on the line for assisting any of the speakers with their A/V needs and making sure that any projectors and microphones being used are working properly in the small window of time between consecutive programs.

Tim Tracy: Not only has he put himself in the same spot helping out with the A/V needs of our presenters, he has provided important input for the Youth Track, and will be responsible for coordinating the “teen retreat” tented area in the Hospitality Room.

Jess Byron: Last, but by no means least, my co-chair. She has been a great source of collaboration, kept my head on straight when it wanted to fly off for myriad reasons, and helped manage all the different aspects of RG planning that arose. Chairing an undertaking such as an RG is rather stressful, but having a co-chair with whom one works well makes everything much easier.

While all of the people who volunteer some of their RG time to help the running of the gathering will be my superheroes as of May 19, having as vibrant and energetic a committee as we have this year, happy and eager to do the tasks they have signed on for, volunteering for additional tasks that arise during brainstorming, and being willing to provide valuable input and feedback (and, in turn, take it on where it applied to their respective bailiwicks) make all of the above-named people my personal superheroes. Thank you! The RG wouldn’t be possible without all of you and your efforts this year.


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