Today is the Last Day to Book Your Hotel At the Guaranteed Rate

hyatt logoHave you booked your hotel room at the Hyatt Dulles? Today is the last day to get our guaranteed rate using our special reservation link! Keep in mind that the Mensa rate includes free in-room internet, which is not included in regular room rates. There is a large group staying at the hotel during our RG – make sure you book your room today!

5 Amazing Reasons to Stay at the Hyatt

Men-San, drawing by Catherine for Jenifer Foster's "Who is Your Superhero?" entry.

Men-San, drawing by Catherine for Jenifer Foster’s “Who is Your Superhero?” entry.

1. You’re from out of town and it’s better than sleeping on a bench at Dulles airport.

2. You are protecting your secret identity. Dude, superheroes need a place to change in and out of costume and there are no phone booths in Hospitality.

3. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, which is just what you need after a long day of saving the world and chatting with your fellow Mensans.

4. There is plenty of free parking for your Batmobile or similar tricked-out vehicle.

5. Though you may be as fast as the Flash, you can’t stand to miss a minute of the RG. You’ll be back at the party just as soon as you can dash out of your room and down the hallway.

Finally, if you book your room by any means other than our special rate, please do let us know so that we can get credit for your room with the hotel. Click here for more about the hotel, including location and a link to a map for directions.

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