Chris Savage – Links to the Past: A History of Chainmaille

chain mail greg less

Image: Greg Less

Explore the history of chainmaille, more accurately just maille, through history and its parallels in the superhero universe. From the Roman soldier, to the European knight, see how suits of maille were constructed and learn about the modern uses both for decoration and protection. Even some Superheroes wear it, most notably Thor! After taking a brief travel through history, see modern production techniques, and learn how you too can fashion striking creations from simple chain loops. From ancient protection to modern fashion, maille covers a surprisingly wide variety of uses.

Chris SavageWhat is chainmaille?

Chainmaille, or more accurately just maille, has been used for millennia for both protection and decoration. Not many people know that even in modern times maille is used for much the same purposes. Granted, soldiers today do not wear the great suits of armor from the medieval battlefield, but many professions still use maille for protection against certain threats. These include police using maille for sharps protection when searching suspects or in many production plants that deal with sharp metal. Even some scuba divers use suits when diving in shark-infested waters. Maille jewelry is also surprisingly common, and certain construction methods are very simple, even for the amateur hobbyist.

Image: Greg Less

Image: Greg Less

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