Victoria Monroe – Got Wildlife?

Image: Victoria Monroe

Image: Victoria Monroe

Got Wildlife?

The D.C. Metropolitan Region is home to surprisingly diverse fauna, including: white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginanus), raccoons (Procyon lotor), Eastern coyotes (Canis latrans), foxes – red and gray, opossums (Didelphia virginiana), skunks (Mephitis mephitis), beavers (Castor canadensis); groundhogs (Marmota monax). As the human population increases, so too do our interactions – and potential conflict – with wildlife. As such, gaining a deeper understanding, awareness, and appreciation of our wild neighbors has never been more critical. Come join the Fairfax County Wildlife Biologist to learn more about native wildlife species, wildlife management – theory and history, and wildlife conflict mitigation techniques.

Speaker Bio:

Education: BS – Psychology (emphasis Animal Behavior, minor Biology), Colorado State University; Masters – Zoology, James Cook University (QLD, Australia); Graduate Certificate – Environmental Conflict Resolution, George Mason University (In progress).

Experience: 10+ years experience providing environmental services and natural resource management through strategic planning, development and implementation of innovative and sustainable programs, techniques, and methods.

Specialties: Natural resource management; wildlife-human conflict mitigation; environmental policy; program design – development – implementation; program monitoring/evaluation; environmental education; community outreach.

Career: Veterinarian Technician (2000-04); Environmental Education Counselor (2001); Cultural Resource Manager (2002); Research Assistant (2003); Animal Welfare Officer (2005); Animal Care Coordinator (2009); Metropolitan Council of Government’s Wildlife Subcommittee Chair (2009-2011); Fairfax County Wildlife Biologist (2009-Present).

Awards: 2011 National Association of Counties Award for innovation (Environmental Protection/Energy)

This is just one of many activities at this year’s RG – return to the program page to read more about other confirmed speakers and events!

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