Georgia Higley – The Super-Collection Amongst Us: the Comic Book Collection of the Library of Congress

Image: Jessamyn

Image: Jessamyn

The Library of Congress is known for many unique and unusual things, but is not the first place one thinks of for comic book study. But it should be!  LC is home to the nation’s largest collection of comic books.  Learn how LC began collecting comic books, preserving them for researchers, and how the collection continues to grow.  Find out how this collection can help your own research and how it complements other LC collections. Discover the treasures of the comic book collection.

Speaker:  Georgia Higley is Head of Newspaper Section of the Serial & Government Publications Division at the Library of Congress.  In addition to managing the comic book collection, she is also the curator of the Library’s newspaper collection, the world’s largest and most diverse newspaper collection.  She graduated from George Mason University with an M.A. in English and B.A.s in English and in History.  She has an M.S. in Library Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

This is just one of many programs at this year’s RG – return to the program page to read more about other confirmed speakers and events!

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