Super Marvelous RG Updates

Anyone recognize this Joker? Image: Jessamyn

Anyone recognize this Joker? Image: Jessamyn

Forget The Daily Bugle or The Daily Planet – The Superhero Edition has this month’s RG updates!

Marta Zlotnick reports that the speaker roster is filling out nicely.  Did you know that the DC area is home to a vibrant bee-keeping community? Prepare to be stung by Jeff Miller’s fascinating hobby.  Mack will speak about a novel approach to supporting child abuse survivors –Bikers Against Child Abuse pairs bikers with child abuse victims who need to feel safe.  Marc Lederman will offer a Q & A where you can ask anything you ever wanted to know about Mensa, and Steve Beningo will give you the inside scoop on how to plan an Olympic visit.  Crime buffs can learn all about interrogation and how to detect counterfeit cash.  There’s more – much, much more including a pool party, blood drive, games, art contest, Carnelli, and other activities.  Keep up with us by subscribing to this blog (look toward the upper right to subscribe via email) to get the latest news as it happens.

Wondering what’s on offer for youthDonna Campbell is pleased to announce a very special teen feature at this RG!  Teens (13-18) will have their very own hospitality tent complete with a Wii and TV/DVD player for movie watching where they can hang out, veg out, and geek out away from the madding crowd.  Younger kids (6-12) will have a full roster of programs on Sunday, with fun and educational programs to enrich and delight.  Wondering if the super popular “Take it Apart!” workshop will happen again this year?  Absolutely!

Hospitality chairs Joel Kaplan and Stephanie Smilay have promised an appetizing assortment of snacks and foods, with beverages including a diverse selection of sodas, beer, and wine.  Feed your sweet tooth with our sugary extravaganza – pack a toothbrush to prevent cavities!  Saturday night’s buffet dinner will include Caesar salad, minestrone soup, meat and vegetarian lasagnas, steamed vegetables, warm rolls, and tiramisu.  Special dietary needs?  Be sure to let us know when you register and we’ll do as much as we can to accommodate you.

Jessamyn has received an unconfirmed report that someone in the MWM area might not have heard that we are holding a superhero-themed RG!  As soon as she can find this poor lost soul, she will point out the website with its 3,000+ pageviews, Facebook page (, youtube channel ( and Twitter account (@MWM2013RG).

Looking to volunteer?  Cam Smart and Leslie Jane Fahrney are thrilled to have found so many superheroes willing to donate a little time at the RG – but they are definitely looking for more!  Click here if you can spare a little time to help out.

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