Cam Smart’s Insanely Difficult Superhero Quiz

Think you know your superheroes?  Think again!

We dare you, as in triple-dog, googlers are cheaters, buy me a drink in hospitality, dare you to take this quiz.  So what’s your superhero IQ?

Take our Super Hero IQ Test and find out.


Image: Jared

1.      What is the first name of Dick Grayson’s father?

Robert, Jonathan, Ned, David

2.      Which Super-pet did not belong to Superman?

Beppo, Ace, Comet, Krypto

3.      Which superhero does not belong?

Phantom Lady, Wonder Woman, Invisible Woman, Super Girl

4.      Before the Incredible Hulk was green, what color was he?

Blue, Mauve, Gray, He’s always been Green

5.      Which superhero’s secret identity said: “I live in this cruddy little apartment with   my mom.”

Billy Batson, Wally West, Hal Jordan, Dick Grayson

6.      Which secret identity has not been used by the Green Lantern?

Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, John Henderson

7.      What kind of kryptonite will permanently take away Superman’s powers?

Black, White, Gold, Orange

8.      Which superheroine is the first cousin to Superman?

Power Girl, Wonder Girl, Super Woman, Wonder woman

9.      What color cape does Underdog wear?

         Green, Red, Blue, He doesn’t wear a cape

10.    What is the name of Green Arrow’s son?

Roy Harper, Impulse, Dick Grayson, Connor Hawke

11.  How can you be a superhero at the RG?

Here’s a hint.

Post your answers in the comments below, but no looking ahead!

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