Jeff Miller – DC Honeybees

Image: Jeff Miller

Jeff is a real estate professional by background who got stung by this hobby in the market downturn. Little did he know the underground passion for honeybees and their keeping in this area! Over 100 hives were established over the past two springs thanks to the work and outreach of his non-profit DC Honeybees, for enthusiasts from all walks of life and bee experience. Jeff focuses on the DC area for The Georgetown Honeybee Company and will be an enthusiastic mentor for you and your new hive.

DC Honeybees is a registered non-profit corporation in the District of Columbia. At DC Honeybees, we are dedicated to the growth of beekeeping and bee colonies in our urban environment. Our hives are based in the District of Columbia and benefit from the long and diverse growing season here to build strong and productive honeybee colonies. Our mission is twofold: first to educate the public about the importance of these threatened pollinators, particularly in the urban context; and second to propagate more bee colonies and more beekeepers.

For the program, I will begin with a screening of the short documentary, The Capital Buzz, which features local DC beekeepers and their focus on the bee.

Following we will cover:

  • Why become a beekeeper?
  • The requirements for beekeeping;
  • The biology of the hive;
  • The fruits of the hive;
  • The importance of the bee.

This is just one of many programs at this year’s RG – return to the program page to read more about other confirmed speakers and events!

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