Super Personal Ads – Heroic and Lovelorn

Bat? Cave? Bat cave? Image: Jessamyn

Bat? Cave? Bat cave? Image: Jessamyn

SWF, intelligent doctor, loves romance novels, loves to jest. Seeks a man with an interesting psyche who can tell a good joke.

SOM, handsome pilot, slight skin issue, seeks someone who’s down with clobbering.

SWM, lots of money, mommy and daddy issues, likes to travel, inventive, looking for my missed connection. You were dressed in green, had a way with plants, and your lipstick was fantastic. Want to go spelunking?

SWM, heavy drinker/smoker, former lumberjack with the world’s toughest skeleton, awesome facial hair, seeking adventurous partner willing to fight side by side with me as I tackle generic mobs, Magneto, and social injustice.

SBW, loves long walks in the rain, seeking partner for electric, whirlwind connection.

SWM, rich, self-made man, living with a broken heart. Seeking the gold to match my iron, pepper to match my salt, the arc to match my reactor.

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