Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer for Matrix V: Superhero Edition

  1. volunteer button whiteYou enjoy Zooming around to save the day
  2. Spandex is allowed in food service areas
  3. Your class ring gives you super powers
  4. Use your spidey sense to help
  5. Finally, a reason to wear shark repellent
  6. Vampires can help with the blood drive
  7. Heroines are always hot
  8. Crying Spooooon! may actually be appropriate
  9. You get to keep your day job
  10. Volunteers are like superheroes, only better

We’re off to a great start and our team is growing. We’d like to thank Edee Fay Schwartz, Debbie Hettler, and Superpower Sass, aka Jenifer Foster, for joining the Legion of Volunteers.

There’s still room for you! We need more Superheroes to help with Registration, Hospitality, Games, Blood Drive and more to make the 2013 MWM RG the best ever.

Want to help but not sure how or what to do? Email Leslie Jane Fahrney and Cam Smart; we’d be happy to help find an area best suited for you.

Your super strength can save the day.

All superheroes have one thing in common.

They volunteer.

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