Who is Your Superhero – Jenifer Foster

Men-San, the nimble mental ninja super heroine.

Men-San, drawing by Catherine

Dressed in her chic ninja outfit (rough black silk with a braided white leather belt) with an embroidered owl in the ‘polo man’ position, Men-San fights off sloppy thinking and lame vocabularies with her quick wit and rational thought. Men-San loves writing letters to the editor and attending town hall meetings in Portland, OR, her home town.

Half Japanese and half Irish Men’s Dad taught her Kunoichi as a teen. She can use force if needed, but prefers verbal pyrotechnics, which she learned from her Mom, a professor of Anthropology who is relentlessly involved in politics and charity work.

Men’s favorite superheroines are found here.

Look for an entry in the RG art contest if Catherine, who did the marvelous image based on the above description, would be interested in doing a few panels of Men-San. I love the depiction of the verbal pyrotechnics.

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