Super Photos From the MWM Annual Party

Socks! Feet can be super too!

The cape, traditionally worn around the neck, can also find a good home attached to a sock. Just sayin’. Image: Jessamyn

The eyes have it.

Photo credit: Tara

It’s totally cool if your favorite superhero is a little… obscure.

Yep, that’s Deadpool. Image: Jessamyn

It’s Jacket/T-Shirt-Ception.

Photo: Tara

Have you ever noticed that there’s a real shortage of superhero parents?

Image: Jessamyn

Did we miss a super photo? Let us know.

And you can also tell us more about your superhero any time.

Or, if you’d like, you can become a superhero either by pledging to donate at the RG blood drive, or by volunteering to help with the RG.  Haven’t registered yet?  We’ve got a link for that too.

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