Raina’s Story: Blood Donation Saves Lives

by Marta Zlotnick

Marta’s friend, Raina. Image: Marta

In 2009, my friend Raina and her husband decided to start a family. They happily prepared for their new arrival as Raina’s pregnancy progressed.

In spring 2010, about a month before her due date, Raina became very ill. She was rushed to a medical center and had an emergency Caesarian section. Her baby was premature but healthy; Raina, however, was not faring so well. Bleeding internally, she suffered multiple organ failure and had to be placed in an induced coma for almost a week while doctors struggled to keep her alive.

During this time, hospital staff gave Raina untold amounts of donated blood. After two months in the hospital, Raina was able to return home but still needed several blood transfusions over the next few months, using three to four pints of blood during each visit.

Without blood donors, Raina’s husband would be without a wife, and her daughter would not have a mother.

The 2013 RG committee would like to have a blood drive at the 2013 Regional Gathering, Metro Washington Matrix V: Superhero Edition! on Saturday, May 18, 2013 (Hyatt Dulles, Herndon, VA). Even if you can’t attend the RG, you can still donate blood on-site.

For detailed information on the process or eligibility based on health conditions, please visit the Inova website by clicking here.

If you can spare an hour to donate blood on Saturday, May 18th, 2013, please let us know! We have to make a decision about the blood drive by October 31st, so please respond quickly.

You can email me, Marta Zlotnick, Program Chair, by using the form on this page with questions or your pledge to donate.



Marta Z

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