Who is Your Superhero? – Scott Jones

I was recently asked to identify my favorite superhero and it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. It would have been easy to pick Superman since his name has the word “super” in it. But I put some thought into it and I was surprised by who I picked.

When I think of a superhero, I think of Superman, the Flash and Iron Man. Superman is bullet proof and can stop a train faster than Amtrak. The Flash is quick enough to turn on a flashlight and beat the light beam to the wall. Iron Man, well, to quote Tony Stark, he is a “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.”

These super heroes return to lives of comfort after fighting the newest bad guy. Batman returns to a mansion with a butler and selection of single malts. Iron Man comes home to a billionaire’s lair that makes Bill Gates envious. Even Superman has his “Fortress of Solitude” castle where he can take a load off and relax with a cold one… a VERY cold one.

These are the heroes that get the press, notoriety, and merchandising that come with being, well… super.

But my superhero lives in a dingy apartment, has a low paying job, and dines on Spaghetti-Os. He can’t fly, or make something burst into flame with a special glance. His boss has a bounty on his head and he gets hurt from fights and falls. He doesn’t even have a “super” name as part of it refers to something people tend to squish.

Someone else agrees with Scott’s sentiments. Image: Jessamyn

My favorite superhero is Spider-Man. He gets hurt, works a lousy day job, and chronically loses the girl. Yet every morning he wakes up in his dumpy apartment and goes out to do it again. His persistence and tenacity put him at the top of my list.

Who is your superhero? Send entries, of any length, discussing your favorite superhero using the form located here. We’ll select our favorites to run in the Cap-M and online.

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