Why I Give Blood – Jared Levine

Just a sampling of the many t-shirts Jared has collected over the course of years of blood donation.

We’re looking to have a blood drive during the RG and need many people to commit to donating a pint for us to be able to hold it. (After all, it takes up time and resources from INOVA to come out; they need to make sure it’s worth their time.) While we definitely want everyone to be attending the RG and taking the brief respite from the proceedings to donate blood, there is absolutely no requirement to attend the RG to donate blood. Come out ready to help save a life, and you just might decide, on the spot, that you want to join in on the rest of the fun; with day rates, that’s totally doable.

My most recent t-shirt from Inova. Image: Jared

Why do *I* give blood? Actually, in my case, on a fairly regular basis over the past decade, I have donated platelets a lot more than whole blood. Platelets help blood clot, and are vital for such patients as those undergoing chemotherapy, receiving various transplants or open heart surgery, and for those suffering traumatic injuries. The first time I ever donated platelets was in New York, mostly on lark. I had arrived early at the new location I had secured for the Bridge SIG I ran and was looking around; the Red Cross was in the basement. I read the materials and figured “why not?” There wasn’t enough time then to donate, but as this spot was a frequent location for me (both for the Bridge SIG and as part of my commute at the time), I made a point to stop in and donate. After that, it just became a regular part of my routine: I had the time, was eligible to donate, and each donation did lots of good.

And back in L.A., once I found the nearest location to my apartment, I also noted that Denny’s was nearby. It was a great excuse to stop in for a hearty breakfast that I ordinarily wouldn’t do otherwise. Now here I also regularly give, originally with the Red Cross and now closer to my apartment with INOVA. And with INOVA, the machines they use take and separate platelets, plasma, and red blood cells for a triple-whammy every 2 months.

Join us for the blood drive by clicking here to tell us you’ll donate. It won’t take much of your time, and you can be proud to help save as many as three lives because of it.

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