RG Co-Chairs Talk Super Plans for Superhero Edition

Getting ready for a marvelous time in the DC metropolis requires a lot of work. Our intrepid Superhero Edition reporter, who may or may not wear nerdy glasses, and may or may not keep a costume stashed in a nearby locker/phone booth/backpack, sat down to ask the RG co-chairs a few questions.

Your friendly Superhero Edition reporter may or may not have had assorted Wonder Woman gear as a child. Image: Amazon

SH: Which Superheroes have you invited? Supervillains? Superbrains?

Jess Byron: We’re issuing a formal invitation to all the Mensa Superbrains (capes not required, but highly encouraged)! You never know which Superheroes and Supervillains are going to show up once word gets around that this is the event to see and be seen in your crime-fighting best.

Jared Levine: It turns out that the first superhero I invited, even before we had the theme talked about let alone decided, was Wonder Woman. She very much likes to lasso people it seems. Hmmm… I think there might be a few programs where that’s certainly encouraged. We’ve talked about inviting people from politics/government to give a program or keynote address. I suppose, depending on which side of the aisle you are and which side such person is who accepts, they might be considered supervillains.

Superbrains? Well, all of Mensa, of course! We’ve got plenty of advertising going out that will hopefully attract lots of the superbrains from MWM as well as nearby and far-flung chapters in the region and even nationally. We want all of YOU Mensans reading this to sign up and join us for the 2013 RG. No zombies, though. We don’t need anyone who’s looking to feed off our brains in that particular manner. (Plus, it wouldn’t work in well with the theme.)

SH: Jess, who broke your leg? And will there be revenge at the 2013 RG?

JB: Are you trying to make me blow my cover on this one? We spread the word that Jared broke my foot to draw attention away from the fact that the two of us were trying to save a unicorn from the evil Dr. Strangebrain. If she shows up at the 2013 RG we’re going to need the help of all the Superheroes who who up at the RG to exact revenge on her.

JL: Um, I’m pretty sure she broke someone’s wrist first…

Not that we’re picking sides. No, really. Image: Amazon

SH: What will you do if the Justice League decides to have a program at the same time as the Avengers?

JL: Make sure that they’re separated and that the streams (of fans) don’t cross. Who knows what sort of chaos would ensue? We want to come back to the hotel again next year. Hmm… maybe we can prevail upon Tara to not schedule them opposite each other. After all, the JL can decide whatever they want, but it’s up to the committee whether we give it to them or not. 😀

JB: Depends on how much overlap is in their programs and how much damage they might do to the hotel. If they want to do programs at the same time we might let them so long as they don’t have any weapons that can be heard through the air walls of the program rooms. We might also encourage them to team up and fight any of the Supervillians who show up at the RG together.

SH: Confess: Did you ever have Underoos? Which characters?

JL: Probably, but that’s a question only my parents would likely remember the answer to. I would expect, though, that such Underoos would have had Superman, etc. on them.

JB: (suspiciously silent)

Batman showed up at an MWM Youth Board Games party last fall. Image: Donna

SH: Which superheros do you think would most likely pass the Mensa test?

JL: Well, supervillain/superbrains first: Brainiac and Lex Luthor, duh! As to superheroes, Batman, Professor X, Beast, and Spider-Man, without a doubt.

JB: Well, it seems like more of the Supervillains have advanced degrees, although I don’t think that really makes a difference. Maybe Batman and Ironman since they fight crime using their smarts rather than any actual superpowers.

SH: Thanks, Jess and Jared! 

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