Announcing the RG Art Contest!

Are you an undiscovered artist? Have you hidden your talents from your fellow Ms? Have you had your work featured in any art galleries or local and/or national publications, but you want to make sure a Mensa audience sees them?

A woman sells colors used for crafts in a market in Peru. Image: Jessamyn

Well, dust off your paint brushes, break out your camera, or pick up some clay and enter the First Annual MWM Art Contest.

For $5 per submission to benefit MWM’s scholarship fund, you can show off your art to your fellow Mensans at the 2013 MWM RG. Attendees will get to vote for their favorite pieces, and the winner will receive a prize.

Afterwards, if you’re feeling especially generous toward our scholarship fund, you can donate your art work to our silent auction where attendees can bid on their favorite pieces.

So, if you’re a creative type who hasn’t gotten your big break, or you just want to show us your favorite piece, come to the RG armed with your art. We can’t promise you fame (beyond the cover of CapM) or fortune, but we can promise you a place to show off your art and get compliments.

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