Cat Bailey: Super Security Sensation

Ever wondered about how you handle security at an RG? An RG with superheroes? We asked Cat Bailey, our 2013 RG Security Chief, for an interview. And some reassurance.

SE: Cat, it’s got to be a little nerve-wracking to take the post of Head of Security at the 2013 MWM RG. I mean, wherever you find superheroes, supervillains aren’t too far behind. Are you scared?

These boots were made for walking. Walking all over the RG, that is, to keep things safe. Image: Cat

CB: Not at all. I have a few extra tricks up my sleeve, hence Head of Security, as well as strategic henchmen on the payroll. (It’s no good killing your staff in response, folks, anyone can be infiltrated.) I feel that we’ll be able to handle any issues smoothly, and of course we’ve made sure that the insurance policies and attack lawyers are paid up.

SE: Do you have any superpowers yourself?

CB: *quiet smile*

SE: Without giving away too many secrets, can you tell me a little bit about how you plan to secure the RG? Have you figured out a way to disable the bad guys?

CB: There’s the aforementioned insurance and lawyers; also, we’ve managed to get ahold of the insurance companies of everyone involved. No one wants to be found at fault and have their premiums increase! It’s one of the reasons villains are always demanding money. In addition, we’re taking precautions to enhance the stability of the building and ensure around-the-clock eyes on everything with a strong public watch program. If anyone sees anything suspicious, please find a member of Security and tell us immediately!

SE: Are the good guys allowed to use their powers, or will you be stocking up on kryptonite? Painting the walls yellow to stop Green Lantern? Magnets for Wolverine?

CB: Some power use is innate and as such we can’t truly ban it; that would be like saying no one can use their minds — in some cases, the same thing! Instead we’re taking stock of the attendee list and making sure we have a counter for everyone, regardless of motives and loyalties, just in case someone runs afoul of an issue with mind-control or overindulges at some point.

We’re looking forward to a fun and relatively harm-free RG!

SH: Thanks, Cat! 

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