What’s an RG?

Really, an RG is where all the Super People go. Image: Donna

A Regional Gathering (RG) is a weekend-long event (usually Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) held by one or more local groups of Mensa where approximately 150-200 or more Mensans and their guests descend for a great time.

Throughout the weekend, there are talks and presentations given on all manner of topics (from trivial to political, spiritual to current events, and everything in between), tournaments conducted (sudoku, spelling, and lots more), loads of games available for playing in our well-stocked games room, and a 24/7 Hospitality Suite.

Some things are traditional staples of an MWM RG:

  • Chocolate orgy (Mmm… chocolate!)
  • Carnelli – click here to learn more
  • Scholarship Auction
  • Pool party (we have the hotel pool for a private party after its normal hours of operation)

We have some new things that will be instituted this year. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out those details as they develop.  And, of course, as we line up our presenters and programs, we’ll list those on the blog.

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