What activities are suitable for my young child, teen, grandparents, etc.?

On the whole, the RG is an all-ages activity. There is truly something for everyone and it’s fine to plan to bring the whole family. If your family members or friends are not Mensans, just be sure that at least one of the people in your party is a member.

A Mensan with assorted kin… do you think we could convince at least the co-chair in this photo to show up to the RG costumed?

There is a Youth Track that will be put on again this year. In years past, we have had a program about taking apart various items (VCRs, TVs, and computers, among other items) to see how they worked, a talk on digital forensics, astronomy, role playing, and more. We’ve also had arts and crafts. Stay tuned to the Youth Track portion of the blog to see what’s on tap specifically designed for your child.

Apart from the Youth Track, though, the vast majority of the RG is open and available for everyone to attend. There are a couple of programs that will be noted as not suitable for children. Adult-themed Fishbowl is a traditional RG staple. Otherwise, just about everything is suitable for your child.

We also have a wide range of games on hand, from the latest Mensa Select® award winners to plain decks of cards (suitable for everything from Go Fish to late-night poker).

Gen-X and Gen-Y SIGS typically hold meet and greets as well.

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