Do you need volunteers?

Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!!!!

Anyone who has ever attended an RG knows some of what happens and is necessary, and should be able to appreciate the continual refrain. For those who have forgotten or for those who are new:

  • Mensa volunteers are incredible! Image: Jessamyn

    Hospitality: help setting up in the first place, replenishing food and drink throughout the weekend, purchasing intermittently during the weekend, cleaning up, setting up and serving at mealtimes, breaking down everything after the RG finishes

  • Registration: handing out packets to pre-registered attendees, taking info and money from walk-ins, answering questions about the venue and program events
  • Security: making sure that everyone attending the RG is wearing their badge, so that we know there are no crashers whether they are members or not
  • Speaker Shepherds: finding the person who is going to be giving a program, welcoming them, bringing them to their program room, and maybe even giving a brief introduction (usually with material the speaker will provide). This is probably the easiest, least time-consuming volunteer position, since it is easiest for someone already planning on attending the program to do. And it just provides that extra personal touch, giving everyone (including the speaker) that ol’ superhero welcome.

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2 responses to “Do you need volunteers?

  1. Do you have a knack for recruiting other people? Want to try the personal touch and help to line up the many volunteers we could, ideally, use throughout the weekend? Drop us a line if you’re interested in being our Volunteer Coordinator – a vital position on any RG Committee.

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